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Hello, I'm Ozge. I am originally from Izmir, I have been living in Ankara since 2009. After graduating from the sociology department, I started working as a writer and expert in European Union supported projects. I am currently working as a coordinator on an art publication project. Painting has always been one of my favorite things in my life. Unfortunately, it was one of the first things I gave up when I devoted to painting along with my working life, and I always felt that I had to return to painting. Despite all the negativities, the pandemic process led to something beautiful and we opened an art workshop with my friends. The workshop reminded me how much I missed painting and being intertwined with art materials. The movies and TV series I watched during the work I did in the workshop; At home, my two most beautiful cats inspire me. I mostly prepare illustrations with dry paint and acrylic paints and embroider on the hoop. I joined the Illustration Club of my childhood friend Belkıs to find my own voice and style, and under the guidance of Belkıs, I regained my old motivation. I have been continuing this adventure, which I started as a student, as an assistant since January. Now I am a member of this amazing team and I am very happy.

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Hello, I'm Burcu. I am an illustrator living in Antalya. One of my dreams since childhood was to live in Antalya and the other was to be in touch with drawing, painting and paints. Even though I realized the Antalya part, I stayed away from drawing for years. The pen didn't fall out of my hand, but I couldn't give it its due. Years later, reading storybooks to my children reminded me of my dream that I put on the shelf. While trying to start from somewhere, the known plaza life did not allow it. I made a promise to myself while celebrating my new age in March 2020. I wasn't going to delay my dreams. It was as if the whole world was helping me to ripen my circumstances for this dream. I was able to take time to draw for myself after long-term closures and less workload. It was during this period that I met my dear Belkıs Aksu's Illustration Club. Now my tablet, my paints, my sketchbook and I are a great team. I work hard to improve myself, I research and read. I'm having a wonderful journey right now and I meet so many wonderful people on this journey. Each one is very important in finding my own way of drawing. City drawing is one of my favourites. I enjoy mixing my dry paints and using my watercolor and graphic pencils together. I push the limits of my imagination with my tablet. It was as if a whole new eye opened in my body. My perspective on the tree, bird, car and building that I see many times a day has changed incredibly. I am very happy when I notice this change in myself. Every day, as I scribble what I see everywhere in my sketchbook, I see that this is who I am. And laughingly I say to myself; This was the only thing missing in such a busy life. Yes, what a defect. I will never stop drawing.