One of my goals in creating the Illustration Club was to make participants feel more comfortable while producing and to encourage participants to share their illustrations. In line with this purpose, I contacted all the participants in the program between September 2020 and August 2021 and asked them if they would like to participate in our 1st year exhibition. I would like to thank the 28 participants who submitted their works once again for supporting me in achieving one of the goals of the Illustration Club.


Below you will see an illustration of each participant. If you are curious about the other works of the person concerned and / or want him to produce something for you, you can contact him directly by clicking on the person's name.  

I thought it would be fun to include Illustration Club experiences and behind-the-scenes footage, in their own words, under the works produced by the participants. If you are interested in what we do in the lessons, you can also take a look at them. I did not include the photos we took during the lesson, as I thought that it would not be appropriate to share their own images without the permission of the participants.  

I hope this first online exhibition will be worth our efforts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants who trusted me and sent their jobs, my teammates Özge and Burcu, my life partner Mert, who made my life easier and put up with me in my busy work schedule, my dear brothers and mother, whose support I always felt from hundreds of kilometers away, and my mother for being there for me. Welcome!

Belkis, August 2021

From the participants


Hello, I'm Asli. Even though I admired my uncle, who was very talented in painting since my childhood, I just started to pick up the pen. I was thinking that I would go a little more organized while registering for the Illustration Club. But I got an output far above my expectations. The lessons were both fun, educational and encouraging to bring out my creative side. I'm already thinking about a lot of ideas and I can't wait to work on them. Love!

Asli Akcayoz

Every month, every week, new materials and techniques were incredibly enjoyable, as if I was on a treasure hunt. Most importantly, Illustration Club made me realize that I can draw and love to draw.

Ayşe Nur Dilek Akdeniz

Even though I graduated from Industrial Engineering, the only professional desire in my language since I was six years old was to be a painter and I never broke away from painting. After becoming a mother of two, I channeled myself completely into this field. Thanks to the Belkıs Aksu Illustration Club, now at the age of 35, I really feel myself in this field.

Beril Bozdogan

Hello, I'm Burcu. Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed drawing and producing handmade things. I met the Illustration Club at a time when I was questioning my career choices and I think it was a turning point for me in shaping my dreams.

Burcu Durukan


Thanks to the Illustration Club, I added a lot to myself in both traditional drawing and digital drawing. I was encouraged, excited and eager to produce. Many thanks to Belkis for her work.

Burcu Kale


One of the best things that ever happened to me was the Illustration Club I joined to take time for myself and create a reason to draw. It is very enjoyable to learn and experience that it is possible to think simply, not to use my hand with cowardice, and to draw anything. 

Deniz Marmasan

Even though painting has been a part of my life and even my personality since a very young age, it is something that I always leave unfinished, put off and put off. To produce something with my notebooks and pens, which I eagerly pile up somewhere at home and carry around with me in vain on every trip; not "on a day, on a weekend, on a vacation"  I attended classes every day to get into the habit of drawing, painting and producing something. In the two months I spent with the illustration club, dear Belkıs reminded me that plain and simple lines can turn into the most enjoyable works, and that creativity comes from having fun, not perfection. Love!

Deniz Menteseoglu

Hi, I am Elif. I'm 29 years old. I worked as a content producer in various agencies for a long time. Although I have been intertwined with many branches of art since my childhood, it was at this age that I met painting. Meeting Belkısla and the Illustration Club was a turning point for me. I learned and realized much more than I ever dreamed of. Endless love and thanks to both Belkis and the Illustration Club.

Elif Atmaca Cloud

I found myself in the Illustration Club, wondering how I should proceed. I was drawing, producing, sharing, but there seemed to be something missing. Thanks to the club, I started to draw with more confidence with what I learned.

Esra Cobanoglu


Thanks to the Illustration Club, my drawings are now more permanent and more understandable.

Ezgi Erdem


Hello, I'm Ezgi. I am studying and working on modern embroidery in Argentina. I signed up for Belkıs' club to strengthen my drawing and adapt this skill to my work. I am really happy with the result! 

Ezgi Omuris


I'm Nese. I work as a statistician. It was a workshop that helped me gain the discipline of producing my drawings as a hobby. It developed me.

Nese Kutbay

I joined the Illustration Club with great enthusiasm to find my own voice and create my own style. I am glad I did. Besides learning a lot of great things on this journey; I first became Belkıs' assistant and then the coordinator of the Illustration Club ♥️

Ozge Ozcan

As someone who discovered the profession he wanted to do a little late and fell into despair, it was a great chance for me to meet a teacher who does his job with love and wants to transfer it. I needed to meet people who are new to illustration and know that I have the same problems, I experienced this with the Illustration Club and continued to draw 🌻

Pinar Ocel

I am proud to be a member of the Illustration Club! The lessons are very enjoyable and productive. I will definitely move forward with my dear Belkis in digital illustration. I have been intertwined with art since I was 3 years old, I have been progressing in the art of glass mosaic for 7 years. Thanks to the Illustration Club lessons, I found my own style in my sketches :) Many thanks to Belkıs, much love.

Sercin Mezhepoglu


It was a pleasure to be a part of the club whose announcement I got excited every time I saw it. The course and the whole process proceeded in a much more professional way than I could imagine. Belkıs had a leadership that encouraged her to overcome the difficulty of starting, as someone who hesitated a lot to see if I could do it. It was a wonderful period when I experienced the lessons he designed by blending different techniques with a creative perspective. 

Thanks a lot ♥️

Sinem Kara

While attending this workshop, I had my own expectations. It's like finding where to start, clearing the head, getting involved with drawing again. Yes, I found some of them in return, but an unexpected result was this. I never liked my own drawings, I criticized worse than the strictest critic. The elements and affirmations that Belkıs underlined while criticizing my and others' works have turned many of the drawings that I considered very bad at first into masterpieces in my eyes :)) I left this workshop with more love for my own drawings. While I was drawing in a perfectionist mood so that even my sketches would not be bad, I started to draw as I felt, without any fear. If anyone is looking for a drawing workshop with mindfulnes, welcome to join us! :))”

Sinem Senguler

During the pandemic process, I had the opportunity to return to the drawing that I had been separated from for many years. Illustration Club made my journey even more colorful. It is also enjoyable to meet people who share the same purpose as you.

Sultan Arslanoglu


As a 36-year-old ceramic artist, my aim while joining the Illustration Club is; It was to bring together my drawings, which I will create with what I learned in the lesson, with what I do in ceramics. When the classes were over, the ideas in my mind were shaped much differently and my perspective on many subjects changed. It has been a wonderful and rewarding process for me.

Tuba Dora

The Illustration Club was the “Gift of Successful Ending a Challenging 2020” that I received for myself. While drawing, it could take some time for the muses to arrive, and the club was the solution at this point. 

Clover Selin Stylish

While I was a resentful communication designer whose ideas were hindered by the bigotry of the education system, the Illustration Club helped me return to the colors of life. It turns out that what feeds my soul is telling stories by drawing. I would like to thank my dear Belkıs for enlightening my path even though I am just at the beginning of the road.

Zeynep Yilmazoglu

from the lessons


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